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Our Guarantees & Terms

Our Client Testimonials speak for themselves. Even so, you will rightly want to know what to expect from us in a business relationship, which we explain via our most important client guarantees, and our key terms of business.

Our Most Important Client Guarantees

1. We guarantee you integrity, transparency, honesty and timely service delivery in all of our client communications, as well as to excellence in the client work we do.

2. We care deeply that everything we do for clients is based upon the principle - first and alwaysto protect and strengthen their reputations and profiles. Therefore, while we guarantee you that we will be professional, friendly and good-humoured in all client communications, we will also be upfront and constructive with you regarding our views and feedback. We welcome the same from you. If we ever have any concerns about matters that might damage your reputation, we promise that we will never sugar-coat or bullshit you, and any criticism or differences of opinion we may present always will be made in a constructive and evidence-based manner.

3. To reinforce (1) and (2) above, we abide by the professional codes of conduct of the UK's National Union of Journalists (NUJ) and the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA). Robert White, PR Matters' founder and director, has been a member of the NUJ since 1992.

4. We guarantee to ensure client-consultancy relationships are professional and mutually beneficial. In practical terms, this means we honour and abide by the ten clauses comprising the PRCA's Client-Consultancy Charter. The Charter itself may be viewed/downloaded in PDF format here.

Our Key Terms of Business

5. You pay only for the services and content with which you're satisfied. We just ask that you email Robert White of PR Matters to give an honest explanation for your reasons, should you decide that's your position. However, if you don't pay for a particular service or content, we consider it fair and reasonable to reserve the right to retain all intellectual property rights for that content we produced for you but for which you don't want to pay. Nor will you be permitted to use or refer to that content in any way whatsoever unless and only for the purpose of a legal dispute. Please also refer to point 6 below on this matter.

6. All written proposals for potential clients are free, but we retain the rights to their content until you appoint us for the work in those proposals. Thereafter, all content (intellectual property) delivered by PR Matters to you - irrespective of how they're delivered (in person, by email, documentation, web-based, etc.), remain your own. The only exception to our content remaining your intellectual property occurs in an instance of point (5) above, in which case all such content reverts to PR Matters' sole ownership.

7. A potential client's first consultation is 100% free, for which we allow up to two hours, but it must be conducted by Skype or teleconference. This helps to minimise any costs incurred by PR Matters. Thereafter, if more time is needed, we ask for a payment of UK £25 per each additional hour, unless otherwise agreed with the potential client.

8. Unlike many other consultancies and PR agencies, we do not charge for client meetings, as long as each meeting is less than two hours. For every hour thereafter, unless otherwise agreed with the client, a fee of £25 per hour is charged.

9. Unlike standard practice in the agency and consultancy industry, we never apply price mark-ups on any third party costs (others typically charge up to 15% per cost).

10. All client-related PR Matters' expenses, incidentals and third party costs need to be approved in advance and paid for by the client. Unless otherwise agreed, all client invoices must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date.

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