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PR Matters is a


and independent communications, PR and content consultancy. If you want a better reputation, or just great content, we're proven to help you get real results.

We can be the key to your greater success. Here's proof.

Some PR and other communications people and organisations unnecessarily complicate what a good brand is or how a good reputation is developed. In fact, both are actually straightforward: they are exactly like a person's character, personality and behaviour. And to achieve greatness, both of them must have these 20 qualities in common.

  1. Truth, aka integrity of character and actions

  2. Transparency

  3. Creative storytelling

  4. Relationship-building

  5. Doing your best because you care

  6. Evidence-based persuasion

  7. A sense of humour

  8. Empathy

  9. Sincerity

  10. Open-mindedness

  11. Original, compelling content

  12. Always follow through

  13. Commitment

  14. Principles

  15. Passion

  16. Friendly and personable

  17. Consistency

  18. Clarity

  19. Depth

  20. Flexibility

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