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How - or, Our Four-Step Approach

We believe in the maxim attributed to Albert Einstein: 

"Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler."


Consequently, our approach includes four clear, straightforward steps we agree mutually with our clients. All four are based on the principle - first and always - of effective reputation management. In other words, in everything we do we're focused on helping you inform and positively engage those individuals and groups with whom you wish to build meaningful, credible relationships.

The steps factor in those who will engage with the communications and content we produce for you. It may include one or more of the following: the media, clients (and prospective), employees (and applicants), investors (and potential), government and your community (local and global). 


1. First, we listen carefully to your project requirements and ask the necessary questions. We then give constructive feedback on how we propose to deliver the best results for you, in what timeframe and for what price, all based upon a clear measurement criteria for success. Once you approve all of these elements, we commit to service delivery.

2. We aim to differentiate you from your competitors and peers in ways that are compelling and effective. 

3. Our results will reflect your organisation's values and strengths, while also addressing any potential challenges or threats.

4. We ensure ongoing project evaluation based on the pre-agreed goals, with a free post-mortem evaluation to review the results and to make recommendations for further action, should you be interested.

With all four elements working seamlessly together, clients get the results they want, and often more than they expected.

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